GPH InfoNet A Great Way to Net

A Great Way to Net
A RajKamla venture

We are a pioneering and an upcoming company making softwares directed towards the Net (Internet). The motto at GPH InfoNet is to make software, which is superior through the very inception.

The Recent ventures of GPH InfoNet have been directed towards the Internet Revolution. We have a number of web projects currently running and getting up the final shape.

Designing a website is a specialised job. For your Site to be effective, it must be able to download fast on your browser. (No matter how beautiful your shop, no customer will wait ages for service.) Once it opens, all the information you want to present should be laid out clearly and concisely. Anyone who's interested should then be able to navigate back and forth between all the pages of your Site or transact business on it with the utmost ease. And of course, it certainly does no harm if your site is aesthetic and appealing.

At the end of the day, it is all these factors that determine response. That's where we come in. Our total understanding of the mechanics of the medium allow us to build response-orientated websites. Designed and hosted , your Website can make both that all-important first impression and carry out the task of living up to it.

Some of the websites that are functioning at present are multifaceted. They range from Business websites in mechanical and industrial domain to common businesses such as jewelers to real estate business and to social organisations - for the social cause.

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A lot of of other sites which are due to be developed / launched in the near future are:

Our renowned, fun loving and hardworking work force is in full vigour to launch some of the best portals available in the market, which range from B2B to B2C to B2C2B  portals.

Features of Services

Windows Platform, Unlimited Traffic, POP Mail Facility, Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding, Unlimited Auto Responders, ASP support, Real Audio-Video Support, MS-FrontPage support, Graphical statistics, MSSQL Support, OC 192 Sonet Backbone, 8.6 Gbps access.

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